Our Story

We're two moms who enjoy leaving the house :) and when we had our babies, it took some time to adjust to how much stuff we had to take out and about with us. Gone were the days of grabbing our keys, wallet, phone and bouncing!

But we figured it out….

Then our babies grew and started eating solids! This meant lugging more stuff with us. We both preferred making home-cooked food for our little ones, but heading out for the day meant taking along bulky Tupperware and a cool bag or flask. Baby rice cereal was convenient to pack and quick to prepare, but we wanted more flavors, whole-food nutrition and zero additives.

The few mom brain cells that we had left--after extended sleepless nights and figuring out #momlife--started churning…. How could we create something shelf-stable, packed full of whole-food ingredients, and delivering the right nutrients all while staying just as convenient as baby cereal??

We took to the kitchen and started creating, and ChiaBabies™ was born! With the help of a Food Scientist and Nutritionist (who is also a mom), we have created a product that tiny humans everywhere can enjoy!